Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here Come's 2009!

I'm back at work for 2.5 days before some more time off. I actually only have New Year's off, but who is really going to come in on Friday and how much work could possibly get done? Anyways, we are headed to Florida so I won't be anywhere near the office. I'm flying down tomorrow afternoon and Marty is driving down in the morning. If he doesn't drive like a grandpa and doesn't stop too much he will be arriving at the Orlando airport right in time to pick me up. The one way ticket to Orlando was pretty cheap and this way I don't have to burn too much vacation time. I'll drive back up with him on Sunday.
The big catalyst for us going down there was our friend Dan having a New Year's Eve party, and we haven't been to Orlando in over a year now so it's time to see our friend's and family there. Dan always throws great parties - in the past he had a very fun pimps n' ho's party and a homecoming (Marty and I were voted king and queen, awww, but I think that had more to do with the fact we were checking out a couple of weeks later and we got the 'going away and maybe never see them again vote').

In other news, I moved up to medium on guitar hero over the holiday. I only play when I'm up in Virginia, so I think I'm doing pretty good. I'm definitely glad we don't have one or I would never get anything done. Here's a picture of me and my niece playing - she's almost 4. They have a 'beginner' level on the World Tour where you only have to strum - she rocks! And she'll tell you that, too :)


Rebecca DeWire said...

I can tell by the picture that your niece takes Guitar Hero VERY seriously. Looks like fun. Scott and I have been jammin' to RockBand.

Mary Eggers said...

Way to go on your Guitar Hero Status! So impressive, you look like a natural rocker yourself.... just some purple hair needed!

Heather said...

I showed Ashleigh the pic and she said "that's me and Aunt Brianne rocking!!! WOOO HOOOO!!!" She then promptly asked to play guitar hero.

Marit C-L said...

OMG - Guitar Hero is awesome! I am SO impressed... Nate and I tried playing once, and we were shamelessly horrible. Keep up the great work! :) Enjoy Florida - WARMTH!