Sunday, January 4, 2009

Enough travel!

I'm sitting in the passenger seat of our car somewhere in the middle of Georgia while we make our way back to North Carolina. I don't have internet access but figured this would be a good time to type up a blog catch-up post from the past few days.

I left a very quiet work day on Wednesday just after lunch to head to the airport so I could fly down to Orlando. I had a layover in Charlotte - so the quick flight from Raleigh to Charlotte was on a small commuter jet. It was VERY windy that day, so we bumped our way up to cruising altitude, stayed there for like 1 minute, and then bumped our way down to Charlotte. Not fun. I know I have flown all over the world but I have never gotten used to turbulence. I got into Orlando a little late, but Marty hit horrible traffic on I-95 so our friend Dan ended up picking me up. He threw a fun party (of course). It was nice to see old friends, especially one of my very oldest friends Katy Rad. We had a lot of fun.

The next day we saw Marty's family, I took a much needed nap, we went for a short half-hearted run and then had a low-key dinner with Dan. We all needed to recharge from the night before!

Friday was busy - had breaky at our favorite greasy spoon near our old condo, then we drove to UCF to do a run. We hadn't been there since they built the new stadium and WOW it looks different! What a fun college to live on campus now! Luckily, they still left some of the trails we used to run on, something I was worried about would be all gone from all the new building that had gone on. These trails are the place where Marty and I had our first date, 8.5 years ago! In the rain no less. I figured if this guy liked me in running clothes soaking wet and disgusting we may have something here :) Next up we met one of my athletes for lunch, then off to Sanford so Marty could give a swim lesson, and then to Ormond Beach to stay with another friend for the next two days.

We had fun in Ormond - went for a gorgeous bike ride on Saturday morning through Tomoka State Park and down A1A - watching the beautiful calm Atlantic to our left. Then we went out on the boat and then to an Oyster Roast. It was a busy weekend filled with bad (good) food, beer and not great sleep.

So I'm pretty ready to just hunker down and get back on a normal schedule of training, working and eating better. December has been pretty much a prep phase training-wise and I'm definitely looking forward to building that base back up with more consistent training. Races loom in the distance!

And 2008? Eh, I'm glad it's gone. Not one of my favorite years for sure for many different reasons and although I know each day is really a new slate to work with, it's nice to have the number change and really wipe it clean. I'm looking forward to making this year MUCH better than the last and I have many ideas on how I'm going to do that.

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Jennifer Harrison said...

Happy New Year, Bri! I am with you - 2008 was not the best year - here's to a great 2009! And, some rest from all your travels! :)