Friday, December 5, 2008

Racing Next Year

I don't have a complete schedule of races I'll do next year, but I have the big ones picked out. In between these I'll probably jump in some local sprints that don't need a year in advance notice. So here's how it's shaping up:

  • Some early sprint: possibly the Smithfield sprint I did last year in Virginia. Free place to stay (I'm assuming anyways...Heather?) and it starts at 10 am. Now what other triathlon starts that late? I'm just hoping it's not in the low 40's and windy like this past year
  • St. Anthony's - Always got to get down to the hometown race. It's always hot with great competition. Love it. Even though it's a fast course, it can be a sufferfest out there on the run!
  • White Lake Sprint - the first weekend. They are having two back to back weekends for the White Lake Half and Sprint races. The sprint race has typically been the qualifier for BOUS and I'm hoping the first weekend still is. I'm not trying to qualify (that would be one expensive jaunt to California!), but know if it is the qualifier the race will have better competition. The other weekend my sister is graduating from UNC Chapel Hill with her PhD in Human Movement Science. Slightly more important than a sprint race!
  • Philadelphia Olympic - This should be fun. I found out we were doing this one at breakfast last Friday. I had asked Beth what her race schedule was looking like and when she said she was doing Philly, Marty interjected "So are we!" I then turned to him to say, "Uh, we are? Were you going to let me know?" Good thing that came up because it was quickly selling out.
  • After that, I don't know. Maybe USAT Nationals since it's kind of driving distance (9.5hrs)?

There you have it. Scintillating, I know.

As you were.


Beth said...

Oh yes - do USAT Nationals! We are going to try to make the trip to Alabama although that's a longgggg drive. Can't wait to see you guys at Philly again!

Rebecca DeWire said...

Philly is the week after IMCDA so we will be recovering. Maybe we will come and cheer you on.

ojs said...

Looking forward to see you at Philly and maybe Alabama!

Brian said...

definitely push the USAT Nationals in Tuscaloosa; great race course, the city loves triathletes, and the announcer helping Tim Yount with announcing chores is fantastic!! Dad

Alicia Parr said...

OK so I live a few minutes drive from you and the only race on your list that's also on mine is in Alabama?

Oh, and not to open a can of worms, but did you know that the '09 Aquathlon Nationals are at Lake Logan? I just saw that on an email recently.