Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jogging Through the Neighborhood

Two runs down and no calf pain - not that I thought there would be since I did everything right and took ample time off. The other good thing is I don't actually feel too out of shape. I think I had gotten into pretty good shape training for the Philly half, so a couple of weeks off didn't hurt me too bad. I can tell my endurance is down, but I don't feel like I'm falling all over myself like I do sometimes after an extended break.

We ran with the Inside Out group tonight - Tassie came along. She's the worst pacer ever and always wants to be in the lead, even if her tongue is dragging on the sidewalk. Marty tried to slow her down at the end because she seemed so tired but the second she had runners ahead of her all bets were off. Under any other circumstance I think I would have been scared of an animal heavily breathing immediately behind me. One of the guys also suggested we put a bumper sticker on her that says, "Makes Sudden Stops" after nearly getting clotheslined for the second time.


Off to watch The Office & 30 Rock on the DVR from last week. Can't stay up that late on Thursday nights.

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Beth said...

Hey - great news about your calf!! And even better that you don't feel out of shape. That's always a major bonus. :) Now if you could just teach Tassie the concept of pace... Unfortunately it seems a bit difficult to reason with dogs. :)