Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Warm Christmas!

We're back in Virginia to celebrate Christmas with my family (mom flew up, Shana, me and Marty drove from NC) and Heather/Sean and cute nieces are all here! This is the 3rd Christmas we've celebrated up here - all previous have been in Florida where I swear every year it hit 80 degrees. Well, we're almost there now! Not quite, but I am in a short sleeve t-shirt -- love it :)

I got through a head/chest cold rather quickly the past two days. I'm feeling great right now, but there were about 18 hours in there where I was not so great. I have a little raspy voice and a bit of a leftover cough, but all in all, I will take a cold like this over any other! Marty is about a day behind me, but he is feeling good again. We had a fun Master's swim this morning (the 8 days of Christmas set - we only had an hour this morning so couldn't fit in all 12). I thought the turnout would be low, but with some visiting Master's swimmers and people who were staying in town for the holidays we had a good group.

I hope you all have been nice this year and get all sorts of goodies tomorrow morning!


m said...

What's the 8 days of Christmas set (or 12 for that matter)? Merry Christmas! Enjoy your warm weather.

BriGaal said...

8x50: descend 1-4, 5-6
7x50: stroke
6x50: underwater 25, fast 25
5x50: pull
4x50: IM order
3x50: kick
2x50: drill
1x50: all out!