Monday, October 13, 2008

Oh Yeah, the Leak (thanks for the reminder, Becky!)

In case you wondering about our leak on Friday, the plumber came out and it was a broken t-joint in the crawl space under our house. So luckily, no damage or anything and an easy fix ($100+ later...). All was good.

Until Sunday afternoon, when I got a call from Marty while I was at the mall with my mom, sister and Scott. He went to turn on the sink and the water pressure was way low. When he went to look at our meter it was spinning at a very high rate and he quickly found one of the connections to our hot water heater had broken and water was gushing out everywhere. The hot water heater closet doubles as our bike closet, so luckily we have fairly inexpensive bikes! They just got a bit wet really. But Marty couldn't find our water shut-off so he ended up calling our town's emergency hot line to get them to shut it off. In the meantime, he maneuvered the hose so it was at least spraying into our yard. Anyways, this was completely unrelated to the other incident; we just had some bad luck with our water this weekend! The plumber came out this morning (because it was a lot cheaper than him coming out on Sunday evening, still another $100+ later!) so we were without water, but had some bottles to at least allow us to brush our teeth. No chance of me skipping out on swimming this morning since I needed to use all of their facilities :)

Just so you don't think Marty is a complete do-do, the plumber also couldn't find our water shut-off! Later on, Marty finally found it in our front coat closet. Exactly where it should be??

I'm not so sure I want to see our water bill for this month...


Marit C-L said...

We have a water leak too! Its in the bathroom from the idiots above who didn't properly connect their washing machine to the hose. We had a torrent of gross, soapy water come flowing down into our small bathroom. It was gross. And it ruined our bathroom books and some of my makeup. Nice. Now I'm waiting on the maintenance people to fix the gaping hole that we've got in our bathroom. It sucks!

Here's to leak-free living!

If the shoe FITZ.... said...

Thanks for the update! I know how those unexpected house problems/repairs! Glad it's fixed!

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