Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fall is here

A lot of blogs are filled with Ironman updates and pictures from Kona. It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 years since we were there! I see the pictures and totally remember all the scenes and feelings…and I wasn’t even racing! It was so much fun to be out there and cheering for everyone (and of course, my Marty) – definitely an event that is worth going to even if you never race it (if you have unlimited funds, that is).

I had a nice run at Umstead yesterday after work. I had originally planned on running Turkey Creek but realized as I set out on Loblolly that I had been in quite a rut of always doing bridle trails, so I turned around and did Company Mill instead. Company Mill is much shorter than Turkey Creek, but it’s a different type of workout since you are constantly avoiding rocks, roots and going up or down. It works all sorts of different muscles and I felt that was a good decision and something I needed to get back to. Anyways, I felt good out there flying through the trail on my own and turned in a time that is usually reserved for when I am in good shape. Hmmmmm.

This weekend we’re going to the Notre Dame v UNC game here in Chapel Hill with my mom, sister and sister’s boyfriend. For those of you who know my family from LONG ago, you of course know that we’re huge Notre Dame fans (my dad went there). We grew up singing the fight song, having Irish named dogs, and watching many, many games (live and on tv). I was even in the stadium when they filmed the final scene of Rudy! I did apply and get accepted to Notre Dame, but this Florida girl probably would’ve made it about a month in that lake effect South Bend winter. Shana, my sister, went to undergrad and is getting her PhD at UNC, but I’m sure she will still be secretly happy if Notre Dame comes out on top. Cheer cheer.

One last thing, I didn't watch the Presidential debate last night. I figured I would just watch the recap on SNL this weekend.

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