Friday, October 10, 2008

Conserving Water

Last summer we had a very bad drought here in North Carolina (and in much of the south). I tried to do my part by changing little habits: not leaving the water running while I soap my hands up after a bathroom break, quick showers, use Tassie’s old/dirty water to water the plants, stuff like that. Nothing huge or anything, but they all formed new habits that I still do to this day. At work they changed the flushing mechanisms so if you pull up it flushes liquid and if you push down it flushes solids (poop, hee hee. I know, I’m so mature). So you can imagine my dismay when I got this email from Marty a little bit ago:

"The town of Cary came out to let us know we have some sort of water leak going on, without anything running we're going through about 10 gallons an hour. I called a plumber and they're coming out today."

GEEZ! 10 gallons an hour?! So much for my weak conservation attempts! I sure hope they find that leak quick and it’s not too expensive to fix.

NC Drought 1 Year Ago

NC Drought Today with our House Leak


BreeWee said...

too funny, that one guy and all his water using!!!!

I hope you and Marty make it back to Kona soon...3 years is a while for a couple that loves the place!

Hope your 09 season is a GREAT one Bri, with NO INJURIES and then you can come back and race :)

have a fun weekend, I guess no slip-n-slide parties for you!

If the shoe FITZ.... said...

Did you ever figure out what was leaking?