Sunday, May 4, 2008

Testing, testing

This morning Marty and I headed to Umstead for a run. It was the moment of truth - would I be able to run? We started off, and uh-oh, not good. My heal was hurting badly. Marty suggested we just try and run 3 miles and I sadly agreed. Less than 10 minutes into the run, however, it started feeling better. It was like it warmed-up a bit. Even though it still hurt, it wasn't un-runnable, so we kept going until we turned around at 23 minutes. All told we ran for 46 minutes...okay, it was more of a jog but I was very happy. It was much less than what was originally on my schedule, but Marty didn't want me to go too long just yet, seeing as I really haven't run since St. Anthony's. Tomorrow I'm going over to our friend Melissa's house - she is an awesome massage therapist and she's going to work on my foot. Sure to be painful but I know it will help. The best news may be that all day today walking around my foot hasn't hurt too bad. I hope no one yells at me for wearing Keens at work tomorrow, because they seem to be the best shoe for me right now.

Speaking of my pesky foot, I'm sure I didn't help matters last night by wearing heels at the wedding, but what could I have done? You can't exactly wear sneakers with a nice dress. So I did my best at staying seated (no dancing) and when I was seated I had my shoe off so it wasn't putting any strain on my calf or achilles tendon. Here is a picture of us girls surrounding a very debonair looking Lawrence. If you've been to an Ironman Expo, you've probably met him.

That's Kara and me on the left, and then Kristin and Alysia on the right. The wedding was very beautiful and a lot of fun. Below is groom, Aaron, with our friend's Dave and Melissa (Melissa Massage Therapist Extraordinaire).

Finally, I have to give a big shout to fellow teammate, Stacey Richardson, who was the first amateur down at the St. Croix 70.3. She was aiming for that Kona slot all year and she crushed everyone en route to it. What a stud.

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Beth said...

Great to hear the foot is feeling better!!! Still keeping my fingers crossed...

As a side note, Kristin and Kara are from the same area that I am. Although I'm older (I think I was a senior when they were freshman?) we ran against each other in high school! The next time you see them tell them Beth Buchheit says hi!!