Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Its official, I’m in the Aqua Velo for Eagleman. This is a fancy word for people who will only be swimming and biking. Not only do I get to do one less sport, but I get to pay an additional $25 for it! Makes you want to not switch and just stop after the bike and hand in your chip, but I know it’s the right thing to do. I have to confess first – I have not been the most diligent little triathlete since injury struck. I have certainly still been working out, just my bikes have definitely not been as long or nearly as intense as they would’ve been if I was still committed to the full half ironman. I’ve been swimming 3 times a week, biking usually 3 times, and aquarunning twice a week. At the beginning I had this grand plan of riding like 5 times a week since I would have all this extra time from not running, but somehow it just hasn’t worked out. Ah well. It will still be fun to swim and ride knowing I don’t have to run afterwards. I’m just trying to think of the last time I actually rode that far… :)

This weekend will be fun. My entire family is heading into the Triangle and my 9 year old niece will be doing her first triathlon at the Swim for Smiles youth triathlon. This is a big volunteer event for our Triathlon Team. Last year, in our drought-ridden summer, was the one day that it absolutely poured so we're all hoping for better weather this year. It's great to watch all the kids compete.


kathy frailing said...

You're gonna crush the swim/bike. I will be envious of not having to run halfway through my run at Rhode Island 70.3 as I'm way behind in long runs. They say suffering builds character.... or something.

rr said...

Bri, I am doing the aquathon this weekend at Honu! It sucks to have to do it, but on the plus side.. we get to ride like hell on the bike, right? I just posted about it too..

I hope your injury heals fast! -- rachel

Marit C-L said...

3 Cheers for Aqua Bike! Hip hip Hooray! Hip hip Hooray! Hip Hip HOORAY! Bummer about the 25 extra dollars they charge you - that does NOT sound right. Hhhhmmmm. Can someone say conspiracy??? ;)

Crush 'em this weekend! You're a great swimmer and stellar biker. I know - because I watched you ride away from me last year in Chattanooga. You were GREAT!

Go get 'em Bri! I'll be sending you good vibes and thinking positive thoughts! Yea yea yea!