Saturday, May 24, 2008

Age Group World Championships

I know a lot of people who will be racing in the Age Group World Championships in a couple of weeks. I'm a bit envious because I know it will be a great time and competitive race! Good luck to you all.

Last year Marty and I drove to Chattanooga and raced in the Chattanooga Waterfront Triathlon. Marty had several clients in the Chattanooga area, and he had signed up well in advance. But it wasn't until about a month before I decided I wanted to make the trip and race there, too. I had never been to Chattanooga and it sounded like a fun race. That was about all I knew, until the night before when one of my teammates emailed me and said that age group winners get an automatic slot to the Age Group World Championships in Vancouver.

Marty and I have never been to a World Championships before - always because of cost. We've done Nationals twice (the first year in Shreveport, LA, and the second year in Kansas City, MO), and we've qualified for World's at both those races but let our spots roll down. I think Portugal was the site for the first one, and despite our friends saying how nice it would be to honeymoon there, no I did NOT want to race a triathlon the weekend after our wedding! Switzerland was the next place, and it doesn't get more expensive than that. Marty had already decided that even if he got a slot in Chattanooga, he wouldn't take it (he did get the slot, by the way). I was thinking it might be cool to get to a World Championships, and this one in Vancouver would be much cheaper than the other two I had qualified for. The race went well and I finished 2nd overall (however, finding out I had lost by a mere 10 seconds in a time trial start was tough to swallow!). They pulled the top 5 out for awards, but I also ended up winning my age group. Marty kept telling me that if I wanted to take the slot, I could. But after thinking about it for quite awhile, doing the financial analysis (whaddya want, we're both MBA's), I decided to let my slot roll to the next person. That person happened to be Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach, who would've been a fantastic representive for our age group. But she proceeded to break her butt and can't race either. I'm not sure if it then goes to the next person or if there will be an empty spot where one of us could've been. Not that it matters at this point since I can't run right now! The picture above is from the awards ceremony. Right to left is 5th through 1st (chick who got 5th, Marit, Amy, me, chick who won). Even though Marit and I have raced against each other a few times, we've never formally met. But now we're blogging friends - the wonders of the internet :)

In a little bit I'll be going for a bike ride with my sister. Marty DID manage to get up this morning and is currently racing the Woodlake Triathlon. Later on we're heading to a friend's lakehouse for an afternoon cookout. And tomorrow, which happens to be my birthday :) my friend Alysia is inviting people over for a bbq just for me! Should be a fun weekend and no work on Monday - YEAH!!


The Tylers said...

Happy Birthday Bri!!! Have a good one.

Beth said...

Happy birthday Bree!! :) By the way, the next time you get a world champs slot definitely take it!!! I know it's expensive and trust me, we could totally NOT afford it when I went last year but it was amazing and awesome and not something that should be passed up! You have to go at least once!!

m said...

Happy Birthday!

It's too bad you are not coming to Vancouver, but I definitelya gree with Beth, it is something to do at least once. I went to Madeira and Switzerland and it was expensive and so much fun. I ended up passing on Hawaii and Germany because of the cost and may not do any more years in the future (would love to go to Australia next year but may have a 2009 season similar to Alicia P.'s 2008 season so probably not...)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRI!!!! Of course, I will say it is worth the $ to go...but it is easier to say that when it is not my $!! :) But, you are a SUPER athlete, so do go for it next time around! Hope your heal is ok! :) Jen H.

Mom said...

Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday my Annie...Happy Birthday to you...Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bri!! Have a great day

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

This triathlon world is pretty small, isn't it. I was looking at the picture saying, Hey there's Marit, Amy and Bri! Looks like you don't know the other two girls either.

Anyway, Worlds is probably worth doing once, but you want to be in pretty good race mode the year you do that. You're fortunate that you are so talented that you are able to qualify most any time you try for it.

Marit C-L said...

Happy Birthday!!! Yes - I saw the picture and smiled! Wow - go figure! I feel like I know you already though... one of these days I'll finally get to "officially" meet you (and give you a hug while I'm at it!). No worries about the World Championships stuff - you are SUPER fast and MEGA talented, so there are no doubts that you'll qualify in the future. :) Hope that you're feeling better!

rr said...

Hey - I'm in the same boat, except I took the slot and then decided I can't go (durn IT band) -- next year is Australia, let's win the lotto and go then??

And HEY - Happy birthday!