Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bad Dog!

Marty and I had another fun Wednesday night at our group ride. While we were away, Tassie decided to tear up my owner's manual for my new phone - a Blackberry Pearl. This is way too much phone for me and I can barely place a call, so you can see how this is going to be problematic.

I yelled at her pretty good and now she is sad and I of course, feel bad.


Heather said...

A Crackberry? You? That is so very high tech and in the "scene" of you Brianne!!

Beth said...

Ah yes...Roxy has a habit of eating very important documents as well...including but not limited to insurance paperwork, tax documents and my favorite pair of sunglasses...(oh wait, I guess that last one isn't really a document! :) And no matter how mad you are they always seem to make you feel bad for yelling because they are so dang cute! :) Hope you get your phone figured out!

m said...

Frito is another paper shredder. He manages to pull stuff out of the weirdest places. One of his most interesting snacks--the cover of the Triathlete's Training Bible. He never seems to feel guilty though and he just starts wiggling around excitedly when I come home and find the mess he has made.

Maybe you can find the info you need online for your Blackberry?