Friday, May 16, 2008

Friends/Swimming/Upcoming Weekend - why do I have to think of a title for every blog entry?

One thing that was hard for Marty and I to deal with when we first moved to North Carolina was leaving a really good, fun group of friends we had in Orlando. Of course it was an easier transition since we traveled before we moved up here, but once we were settled it took us quite awhile to find people to hang out with. We found people to train with pretty easily, but it's a bit harder to make friends to go out with when you're older, I guess. One of Marty’s first emails to the list serve for our triathlon team went something like, ‘Hey everyone, Bri and I were thinking of heading out to the Flying Saucer in the early evening. Anyone care to join?’ Chirping crickets could be heard as no one responded, and we realized finding our Orlando group up here in the Triangle would be harder than we anticipated. And just for the record, Marty and I are no where near heavy partiers. Our friends in Florida used to make fun of us for always leaving so early, but we do enjoy the nice frosty beverage after a good day of training or social happy hours with other people.

We seem to have hit our groove now, and have many options of people who also enjoy the pleasures other than training. There is a Mexican restaurant that many of the riders frequent after the hard weekday ride, and we’ve uncovered team members who also like to go out. Friday mornings after Masters practice, a lot of people now join us for breakfast at a local place in Cary (no beer involved there!). It’s nice to have found different groups to hang out with again.

Speaking of Masters, Marty had us do some fast 50's off the blocks at the end of practice this morning! I swam a :30 which must be a PR since the last time I did that was probably around 9 years old. Goggles even stayed on.

This weekend Marty is racing the Surf n Turf triathlon in Surf City, North Carolina (funny name, I know). It’s a ½ mile swim, 4 mile bike, 2 mile run, 4 mile bike, 1 mile run (funny race, I know). I am also signed up for it but seeing as I haven’t run in quite awhile now, I’m skipping out and will just be watching and cheering everyone on. Tassie will be with me so if you’re there, come up and say hi. She will wiggle for you, but please don’t make fun of her ridiculously short haircut – she is sensitive. She can’t help that she is a boney little thing. I think she has a very high metabolism. I’m also going to a doctor on Monday and hoping for a miracle cure so I can then resume running, I don’t know, Tuesday? :)


BreeWee said...

Have fun to Marty!
Geeee's I hope you get running again soon! That race sounds like so much fun... a little adventure, but fun!

The Tylers said...

Love reading the blog all the time, even when I am on vacation!! Hang in there Bri.