Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Upcoming Races

Marty and I have decided to race Mission Man this Saturday as opposed to the slightly more local Triangle Triathlon. We've done Triangle before and don't necessarily love the course, and we've never done Mission Man, which everyone says is really nice. We are both able to race because we have a babysitter coming over at 5am!

Sunday morning is our Big Deuce and Little Uno open water swims. A different babysitter will be coming to our house for that early morning. We spend a lot on babysitters - it hurts not having family close. And these aren't even for real dates! Although one could argue that our race on Saturday is a date...

Next weekend I'm trying to decide if I want to do The Battle at Buckhorn, and try to win my first belt buckle, or just stay local (very local, like 1/2 mile away local) and do the Roundabout 5K with Marty and Logan. I've never raced Buckhorn before; one year I was going to but one of Marty's athletes tore her shoulder labrum and couldn't do the swim, so I did that portion for her so she could still compete. Marty has won 3 belt buckles from this race, which are on our mantel. It's quite a unique award! But I would have to go over solo and I'm not sure I want to do that.

The following weekend I'm doing the Lake Logan Olympic distance race - one of my faves. It's on Saturday, and Marty will be doing the sprint or the aquathon on Sunday. Logan gets to go to both...we'll see how that goes!

Logan says hi, bright and early this morning!

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Beth said...

You are such a race junkie...I love it!!! Have fun!! :-)