Monday, July 22, 2013

Just Tired

Today is gone. Today was fun.
Tomorrow is another one.
Every day,
from here to there,
funny things are everywhere.

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish - by Dr. Seuss

That's the last page of one of Logan's favorite books right now. I also like the end because it has the children going to sleep on their pet Zeep, which reminds me of the Irish Wolfhounds I grew up with. I thought it was an appropriate little rhyme that also describes our lives right now.

I painted our guest bathroom all day on Friday. We had new tile put down and a new vanity put in a couple of months ago, but have been slack on painting and putting up a new mirror. Putting our house on the market is always in the back of our heads but it just seems like such an enormous undertaking! Anyways, since I was off on Friday, it was a good day to try and check that task off the list.

The next morning we got up at 4:30am to drive to Burlington for the Mission Man triathlon. Here are results. It was a nice venue, but overall I just felt tired. It was one of those days where there just wasn't any spark in the legs. I was the only open female signed up so that meant it was me and 9 or so guys in wave 1 (I've talked about it before but geez do I hate it when I don't get to actually race anyone).  There was lots of jokey-jokey before the start.

Me: Ken, I'd like to draft off of you, but don't start off too fast, m-kay?
Ken: Well I was going to draft off of Marty & Dave
Dave: But I'm going to draft off of Bri!

The swim was fine, albeit very warm. At least it wasn't quite as warm as the Triangle Triathlon's water temp (90.5!!)  I drafted to the first turn buoy (sadly, not off of Ken, who started off too fast for me). Approaching the first buoy I could see two guys off to my right who I just knew were going to make a beeline and clobber me at the turn, so I opted to pull up and let them go. And I was right, I would've gotten hammered. But the one guy breastroked around the buoy which slowed me up -- seriously, dude?

The bike course was nice and would've been more fun had I felt better. But I didn't and the only people I saw were guys I had beaten out of the water who proceeded to zoom by me like I was pedaling backwards. Other than that, it was lonely and I kept thinking this was the longest 15miles of my life. Even a half-hearted Jens Voight "Shut up legs!" didn't help.

I liked the run course, but in keeping with the theme I just felt tired. Cruise tempo effort it was through the off road rolling terrain.

I liked the race and will hopefully do it again at some point.  We hung around for a little while but opted to go get a yummy breakfast instead of sticking around for awards before relieving our babysitter.

Up very early again on Sunday morning for the Big Deuce and Little Uno swims. I once again had awesome volunteers helping me at check-in, and even some that weren't swimming so I got to swim this time.  I did the Little Uno as my swim volume is too low to even think swimming 2 miles straight would've been remotely fun. I was going to cruise the entire thing but having people near me released the competitive juices and I ended up really picking it up the backstretch. Dang, my lats were tired afterwards.

An easy ride after with some OSB'ers before a funfilled afternoon of Junior Awesome.

And yeah, right now -- TIRED!!


Beth said...

I have no idea how you do all that you do!!!! Definitely living life to the fullest. :-) Sleep in tomorrow morning will ya?! (I know that is probably impossible for you)

Steve said...

Putting your house on the market huh?? I know you both want everything to be perfect, but really you want it all to be done.

You want the most money probably you can get, but something I know a little bit about... just throw all the unknowns out. Do what you want before putting it on the market, probably very little, and trust, have faith, take a gamble.

Don't ever look back, and just look forward.

Take a load of stress off. Trust really does that, and if it doesn't all go as planned... Who cares?? Move on right??

Take care, and best wishes. :)

Anonymous said...

Word, on the tired. It's ok, though!