Monday, July 29, 2013

Cary Roundabout 5K

I was contemplating doing The Battle at Buckhorn so I could try and win the very prestigious belt buckle, but after last week's "I'm so tired" and another busy week that flew by, I decided to stay home and run the Cary Roundabout 5K.

One of Marty's belt buckles

The start was around 2 miles from our house, so the 3 of us loaded up and jogged over. Then we waited in line to pick up our number.

I'm a faker. I didn't push Logan, Marty did.

The race was fun, and one of the flattest 5Ks I've done here. Just some slight inclines and one short nasty hill towards the end. I surprised myself almost breaking 19min (19:04) and finished 2nd overall for the women.

Marty is a total stud pushing that stroller with a 30lb kid in it. He ran a 20:46! Afterwards, we cheered on the rest of the runners.

Logan yelling, "Go Go Go Go!"

The 5K was put on because they just completed 2 roundabouts into our little downtown; they kind of bookend the downtown area.  Let's hope people figure them out. A few days ago I went around one (and half of it wasn't even open!) and the dude in front of me came to a complete stop, turned his right blinker on, then proceeded to drive 1/4 of the way around before coming to ANOTHER stop and turning his left blinker on to finish going the remaining 1/4 of the way.

Sunday, Logan had a playdate with one of his friends from his old daycare (he's doing well at his new one, no more crying when we drop him off).  Lizzy is sooo cute and kept putting her arm around Logan and then kept wanting to hold his hand. Logan wouldn't have any part of the hand holding and would yell (a very parent embarrassing) "NO!"

Feeding the ducks at Bond Park

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