Thursday, July 11, 2013

Logan update

Logan will be 19 months old tomorrow. And I'm about ready to be done counting his age in months. When you start to have to calculate it (12 months + huh = how old?), so from now on he will be 'turning 2 in December' then 'almost 2' then from there on out 2, 2.5, 3 etc, etc, until he can tell everyone his own age. "I'm 6 and 3/4!" Do you remember doing that?

He can say a lot of words, and he says a lot of other things that we have no idea about (was that Yiddish?!) He also gets very frustrated and screamy when he wants something and we can't figure out what exactly that thing is. We had one of those rounds yesterday morning where he ended up shoving everything off his high chair tray (Tassie said thanks for the watermelon, buddy). Marty, who was in no mood - or actually, was in his morning mood, ended up taking him out of his high chair and gave him a 'so don't eat then, have fun with that' while I continued to try and mollify him with every type of food possible. I finally hit jackpot with a chocolate chip granola bar and he went from screaming/crying to taking it and giving me a simple, "Tank Too" and then walking away like nothing had happened.

W. T. F.

He cries everyday when we drop him off at daycare which is no fun at all. The only Spanish word I have heard him say so far is 'hola' but I spoke to another couple who's kids are at the same daycare and they said their 3 year old is fluent (and the parents don't speak Spanish at all). I hope he is liking the daycare all right. I do miss the teachers at his old daycare. And he does seem fine when we pick him up.

Mud day at daycare.  Logan has clumps of mud in his hair! But he came home clean.

Parade at daycare for the 4th of July - they made their costumes, so I think his class was a Statue of Liberty procession

He has a wicked reaction to mosquito bites which has prompted us to get a professional company to come out and spray. I hope it works, or at least helps cut down on our enormous population in our back woodsy yard.

Like many kids, he LOVES Elmo. He doesn't watch much tv, but if we happen to put on Elmo he drags his chair over and gets in a trance. It's really cute to see and Elmo saved us from a meltdown this past Saturday so we also like the little puppet.
Elmo, bitches!

One last little story, while I was riding my bike last night, Marty was in charge. And by the way, Marty is a fantastic dad - and Logan gravitates toward him more than me, still.  Anyways, Logan goes to bed around 7 or a bit after and will sleep 11-12 hrs. They did the night time routine and after reading a couple of books Marty tried to brush his teeth but Logan started pointing at his crib and whining, "nigh nigh!" After some negotiation "come on, let me brush your teeth"...."nigh nigh!"  Marty put him in his crib where Logan rolled over and yelled, "Bye Bye!!"  and was out.  I really wish I could go to sleep that easy.

Playing in a little splash park

Another day, another injury

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