Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Word is Out

So as I mentioned in my last post, I actually announced something worthwhile in the post before that. But it was buried and I realize that not everyone wanted to read the epic novel that was that doughman report.

I'm pregnant! 13 weeks now, so that makes me due sometime mid December. Marty and I are excited, terrified, insert every adjective you want. So let's get to this bulleted list where I have random thoughts to post:
  • We actually found out in early April. So I technically did that swim meet the tiniest bit pregnant. But that was not it's only race...

  • The Triangle Orthopedic sprint was done at around 6+ weeks. I knew that it would be a cool day and since it was a time trial start I could hold myself back a bit and not go all out sprint hard. So to that person that came up to me after the race and said, "Geez, Bri, I can't believe you didn't win" I now give you a virtual kick in the shin.

  • It was hard to keep this quiet from a lot of people we see regularly. Particularly with races coming up and trying to explain my lack of race schedule.

  • I wanted to do Battle of Buckhorn the other week but Marty talked me out of it.

  • It seems that overnight I've gone from running pretty comfortably and near my normal pace to S-L-O-W. Seriously.

  • Still swimming and biking. We have Boone camp next week and I wanted to bike until at least then.

  • I am overwhelmed and confused with what we will need to buy for this little person. I don't even know where to begin and all the helpful books and websites seem to make me more overwhelmed.

  • We will definitely be finding out if it's a boy or a girl. Yes, I like surprises, but I can be surprised at 18 weeks just as well as I can be surprised at 40 weeks.

  • I'm already annoyed with people who after giving their congratulations, proceed to tell me how hard and annoying labor/pregnancy/lack of sleep/child always getting sick, etc. Yes, we realize our lives will be changing. Positive advice is welcome!

  • I didn't really want to do the whole facebook status announcement, so we've pretty much relied on word of mouth for it to get spread around. That has worked well :)
  • Everyone is always interested in how the belly is looking. Truthfully, mine is not very impressive yet. I can certainly tell that there is a protrusion compared to my normal self (never to be seen again self?), and my waist is going, going, soon to be gone, but here's the best I got.


Beth said...

So, so happy for you guys!!! :) Of course since I'm not a parent I don't have any advice (good or bad) but what I do know is, you and Marty will be awesome parents!!! Can't wait to follow along on your new, fun journey!

Steve said...

Congrats on the baby. I didn't read "War and Peace" I mean your last race entry. ;)

Let me give you some advice. If there is one thing I know about it is shopping and babies... never mind.

I know nothing. :)

There is one thing you have to look forward to. I work with a little girl Emily, and she did have an awkward phase. pregnant or beer belly?? That should be fun. :)

Rebecca DeWire said...

It is so true that everyone is so quick to talk about all the negatives of having kids. And when you are pregnant, that is seriously the last thing you want to hear! You guys are going to be great parents and having kids is wonderful. While it is true that certain things are a bit more exhausting and challenging, I feel that just about everything in my life has this new element of fun and amazement.

LZ said...

So excited for your guys. I was so overwhelmed too in the beginning. If you ever want any info/advice from me, I will be happy to share. I found that pregnancy wasn't bad at all. Labor wasn't fun but what, that is only maybe 1 day in the grand scheme of things.

Good for you for still running, biking and swimming! Keep it up for as long as you can! But enjoy the fact that you can also eat and rest as much as you want too! :)

Kelly said...


People are full of advice and weird input and so many websites and ugh -- I would ignore everyone (that's my advice, hah).

Anonymous said...

congrats you guys! are you guys so ready for this? strap on.

btw, good idea about bailing on the tri. a stationary bike can be your best friend for a little while.
d/r skaggs

Angela and David said...

Congrats!!!! I have been out of the blog world for a bit so I missed your news. Running will get easier. I found the first trimester the hardest to work out in. Always out of breath and just felt terrible. It was actually easier to work out in the third trimester when I was huge than it was in the first trimester. I hope I'm joining you on the pregnancy front soon enough! Congrats again.

Alicia Parr said...

We were super overwhelmed about the stuff to buy issue too. I still remember the first trip to the baby big box store. Yikes. Anyway, the one thing my current self would tell my newly pregnant self is to only worry about buying stuff you need in the first month or two. Also, BABY SHOWER!

Kim said...

Oh my gosh!! I don't know how I missed this post!! So excited for you and Marty!! HUGE Congrats! I finally put it together when I just read your most recent blog about not really pushing yourself and working out and I thought "by gosh, she sounds like she's pregnant" and then I kept reading back!! So excited and sorry I'm slow!!