Thursday, June 2, 2011

Old School

Had you actually read my previous blog post, you would have come across a bit of news buried within all those words. Guess you'll have to read it to know what I'm talking about :)

Last night was the first ever Old School Aquathon. Marty presented his idea for low key aquathon's to FS Series and they agreed to help out with them. We like the idea of bringing fun and different events to spice up the training and racing schedule for multisport athletes. And even better, at affordable prices. $20 until the week of the race - and we got lots of compliments on the t-shirt and generic soda and white bread to make your very own pb&j.

Last night's event was well attended and we hope everyone had a good time despite the horredous heat and humidity! I can sympathize as I was sweating all my fluids out manning the registration table and then at the furthest water station deep in the woods during the event.

I was armed and ready for the horseflies that like to come out in the summer months.

The next one is at Jordan Lake and consists of a 300 meter swim/1 mile run 3 times! I think that sounds like a lot of fun - come on out and join in.

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