Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Marty wrote a great little race report about his and Tassie's Umstead 4 miler race. I love this picture! This is right at the end and she definitely gave me a look that said, "uhhh, can I stop running yet?"

I was going to also run this race, but then a glitch in the registration site was fixed after the price went up and I decided not to. Of course, at the race I was thinking, wait - why didn't I race?! But it was all good. I got to watch Marty and Tassie and then I wasn't stressed about going right from the finish line (literally) to the house to drop her off, right to the pool for our swim clinic.

We were about halfway done with our clinic, reviewing the pool footage onscreen in the downstairs classroom that is made out of cement blocks, when a lifeguard poked his head in and said, "We may need to start moving people in here because it's one of our designated 'safe rooms'" We were all like, uh what? Then we heard the commotion -- hail, wind, rain, thunder and realized there was quite a storm outside! Luckily, we didn't have any damage to our house (well, maybe lost a shingle or two) but not too far away there was A LOT of damage. We were lucky.

This weekend I get to race! I'm doing the Triangle Orthopedic Sprint at NC State. I'm feeling pretty good but definitely haven't been doing much intensity so not sure exactly how fast I can go - but it will be fun regardless :)


Rebecca DeWire said...

Good luck at your race this weekend. Love that picture of Tassie.

m said...

Good luck this weekend! Love that Tassie got to race :)