Sunday, April 10, 2011

Doughman Fundraising

Many of you may remember the epic race me and 3 of my girlfriends participated in last year - The Doughman. This is a running-biking-sort-of-swimming relay where each participant also eats a plate of food from one of the local restaurants that sponsors the race. We finished in 3rd place last year - only 2 all boys teams beat us. Team Victorious Secret is back again this year to claim the 'W'!

All team members will be participating this year - even Brooke who will be flying in from Boulder, CO the night before. Yes, we are serious folks.

The Doughman race is put on by volunteers and proceeds go to two local charities:

Seeds: a non-profit community garden whose goal is to teach people to care for the earth, themselves and each other through a variety of garden-based programs. Doughman helps support their Durham Inner-city Garden program.

See Saw Studio: A free after school studio teaching design and entrepreneurship skills to creative teens. Yeah, these aren't the Red Cross, but these are small, local organizations that help the youth of Durham, and they need support just like big charities!

What I'm getting at is all the teams signed up for Doughman are encouraged to raise money for these two charities, so if you feel so inclined to support them and Team Victorious Secret, please click the 'Donate Here' button below. You'll even get a receipt for tax purposes. There may be some time bonuses involved for teams who raise certain amounts. Go Team VS!!


(this is a totally legit paypal account - Kari Redilla is Kari Mayhew, one of my teammates!)

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