Saturday, January 1, 2011

Twenty Eleven

On the radio I heard the DJ say, "Happy Two Thousand Eleven!"

When will this stop? It's twenty eleven - right? Why have we been saying the long version for the past 10 years? Like why is everything "two thousand two" and "two thousand nine" and not "twenty oh two" and "twenty oh nine?"

When we say dates from past centuries isn't it like that? Like when I say, "my great grandfather was born in 1901" which is something I admittedly don't say very often, don't you read that as "nineteen oh one?" You don't think nineteen hundred one.

I don't know why but for some reason this has always bothered me and I thought for sure when we hit 2010 we could finally shorten it. And I think a lot of people do say twenty ten. But you would still hear two thousand ten. So I'm making an official decree to call this year twenty eleven!

Happy New Year, by the way :)

We stayed low key last night and went to dinner with friends before coming home and going to bed at 11pm. I know - LAME. I did wake up at midnight (hard not to with the fireworks) and then went right back to sleep. It was a good football day: Notre Dame, UCF and FSU all won.

This morning we got up and did a 5K at a local park then rode for 2 hrs a little later. I'm tired now.


Anonymous said...

Papa San was born in 1901 and Nana 1903...Happy New Year!

Steve said...

Happy New Year!! I feel your pain with the year enunciation. Wait not really don't care. :)

Good Luck this year!! :)

OJS said...

For me, at least, I think it's because saying "two thousand" is only one more sylable than "twenty" and sounds more formal. Before, "nineteen" was much more efficent than "One thousand, nine hundred." I think it will shift more to "twenty" now that we're out of the 0's.

Hope you're having a great start to the new year!