Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some Christmas Pictures

We spent an extra day in Chesapeake, Va at my sister's house after the area got 14 inches of snow. That is a lot of snow for the 'South!'

Here's my niece heading out to play in it.

Tassie had fun in it with her Great Dane cousins.

Marty had to dig us out so we could get on the road Monday.

The snowstorm didn't come until very early in the morning the day after Christmas, so Christmas day was nice. Marty and I went to a park near Virginia Beach for a run on trails - wish we had known about this park in years past! It sure beats the Dismal Swamp paved trail we've run before.

Here are a couple of shots from Christmas morning.

OSB hoodies were a hot commodity this Christmas season - but I got mine!

Haileigh and I also got matching Eclipse DVD's.

A Total Wine gift card and Marty is one happy camper.


GoBigGreen said...

Merry Xmas Bree, I am glad you got my present from MN. Sorry I meant it for Kari but she must have gotten a hint i was sending you snow:) and left town.Hope 2011 is healthy and successful for you all! Tassie too!

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