Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bad Blogger

Bad blogger - that would be me. I just haven't had inspiration that intersected time to write up anything interesting. You know how it goes - now you get a bulleted list.
  • We put on a Powerstroke Swim Clinic last Saturday - it sold out before the week was over and everything went smoothly. It's a long day for a Saturday after working all week, but we ended the night with some friends at a local restaurant.
  • I rode the trainer while watching a movie on Sunday. My biking fitness is very low at the moment. I rented Easy A and it was surprising funny - I wasn't expecting too much but it turned out to be a good movie to pass the time on the bike.
  • I ran later on in the afternoon and the calf has been cooperating. Run fitness, like bike fitness, is low, but I'm so glad to be out there again!
  • We had an ice storm come through Monday night which pretty much shut the city down for all of Tuesday. I don't think we've lived here through an ice storm before and luckily this wasn't a bad one. It looks very weird to see everything covered with a sheen of ice. Our culdesac looked like you could ice skate on it.
  • Work has been super busy. Blah.
  • Auburn won! War Eagle! But I can honestly say I'm not a Cam Newton fan.
  • You're probably thinking right about now, if her updates are going to be this boring, I'm glad it's only once a month.


Beth said...

I'm glad you are back! So very odd and kind of weird but I was JUST thinking of you when I was swimming this morning - and then a blog entry from you shows up in my google reader! :)

Steve said...

It has been a while. You know a weird thing about blogs is they are always interesting if you write what you think about. To me at least. This was interesting.

We sell that movie at the local lumberyard I work at, because what local lumberyard doesn't sell movies right?? That girl on the cover reminds me of Katy Perry, so naturally I am all ga ga over her. :)

m said...

Auburn won--Booo!!

I'm sure your fitness for biking and running will improve fast!