Monday, January 24, 2011


I want to have a rambling, whiney, slightly incoherent blog about the weather. Here goes.

Yup, it’s cold. It may be colder where you are, but where I am it’s cold enough for me. Too cold if I’m being honest. Each year we’ve been here in NC it seems the winter has gotten a bit colder. Hopefully, this trend isn’t going continue. I really hate when the weather person says with a wry smile, “Normal high for us is 50 degrees, but today we’ll top out at 38!” (or 42 or something below 50 degrees causing me to snarl and give the tv the finger). In fact, we haven’t had many days this year that have hit 50 degrees. So the tv has seen lots of the finger. Poor tv.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it here. It would take a lot to get the two of us back to Florida (and when I say a lot, I mean pretty much never ever going to happen). And I realize that this is the nicest time to be in Florida: Jan – Mar. The other months aren’t worth it. Believe me, I know. I've done far too many hard run workouts at 4pm in August to even remotely believe that I won't have premature aging and/or skin cancer. But I still reserve the right to complain about the weather because this is my blog and what good are they if you can’t rant and rave once in awhile. So while I know that there were some tough souls that rode outside this weekend I was not one of them. My cut off is 40 degrees and the feels like temp was not really close to that. Now I realize that maybe some of you reading this are far up north and don’t really ever get to ride outside during these months, but here in the south we ARE used to riding almost all year long. Bundle up and your good to go. Not this year.

Running is a different story all together. I may grumble a bit as I start off but really you can get away with running when it’s cold and not have any issues. It’s really quite enjoyable to the heat.

And as Marty would say: That is all.


Kim said...

Ok Missy.. :) I can understand it's all relative but I actually SAW the temp was below zero outside this weekend at like 6am on Saturday morning. Talk about not fun!! I'm hating it, but hoping spring comes for all of us VERY soon!!

Beth said...

I feel your pain Bri. Actually it might be worse for you guys because you live in a place that is SUPPOSED to be warm! At least for us we know it's cold and it's going to stay that way until April. :) Hang in there!

m said...

When I was in NC for 2 winters I remember it being great in the winter with the exception of a few ice storms. Hopefully the weather gets back to "normal" and stays there!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for more snow when I get to Heather's next week :)

Steve said...

Weather has been unkind for quite a while. Too hot in the summer, and too cold this winter.

I am excited our temp. went from -9 on Sunday to 29 degrees on Tuesday. -9 gets the finger. :)

Alicia Parr said...

This and the previous winter have been particularly unkind. I hadn't really thought to pin the blame on you and Marty, but now that you mention it...or maybe you didn't mention it.

In my case, I don't give the TV the finger. Instead, I hiss at the thermometer and slit my eyes with that "laser focus" I've been hearing about lately. Anyway, same difference.

Anonymous said...

it would take a lot to get us back to florida, too. funny, when we were there, we thought that it was utopia and that no state could possibly be any better.

now we're willing to give any place a try but the east coast winters may keep us on the west coast.