Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend of CEU's

In order to recertify as a USAT Triathlon Coach, you need to obtain a certain number of continuing education units. Marty and I had originally planned on getting our Level 2 USAT certification in Colorado Springs back in October, but when we found out that the curriculum was mostly geared to coaching juniors and pro's, we decided that it wouldn't be worth our time and money (that's not our clientele). Instead, we saw that Charlotte was hosting a USATF (Track & Field) Certification that would be worth 10 CEU credits towards our recertification.

This was really good for Marty since he will most likely be coaching high school track this spring. And it was interesting to me since I have a pretty extensive track background, although it's exclusively with the distance events. Even so, you can't go to one of these and NOT learn additional information and new discoveries/training methods. Plus, it was neat to learn more about the jumps and hurdles and all the other events that I don't have much knowledge on.

The clinic was excellent. The information was interesting and the speakers were top notch and great. The amount of hours was insane, though!

Friday: 5pm -10pm
Saturday: 8am - 7pm
Sunday: 8am - 4pm

We got an hour lunch break on Saturday and Sunday and a few 5 min bathroom breaks sprinkled throughout. That was it.

It was definitely worth it, no doubt about it. It just made for a very long weekend and when you work a full time job in addition to that, it's tough to turn right back around Monday morning. Oh well, sometimes you have to suck these things up.


Tara said...

It's great to read that you enjoyed the USATF program. Being married to the organizer/endurance instructor makes for some long weekends too :) Monday is tough. Knowing that folks get a lot out of the curriculum really helps.

Take care.
Tara Allden

Steve said...

I hear you on working/having to be somewhere/full time. You want the weekends to be all that at that point.

I am thinking dinner for you on either Friday or Saturday. courtesy the hubby. :)

m said...

Did they at least give you a running break? Sounds like a tough schedule.