Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beach Weekend!

Towards the end of vacation the other week I was all, 'poo, vacation is almost over.' But then I realized - in two weeks it's beach weekend! We've been planning this forever. It's so hard to get everyone's schedules in the summer synched up to find a free weekend.

It's me and my girls (and the husbands will be joining us) in Ocean Isle Beach, NC, which is south North Carolina - is that confusing? Just a bit above the border. Of course, we will be getting in some swim/bike/run workouts, along with beachin (real term, not to be confused with bitchin - there will be none of that), loungin, eatin, drinkin, laughin, golf cart ridin, and grillin.


runningyankee said...

and DRAMA. dont forget DRAMA.

Jennifer Harrison said...

have a great time. I told Kari that I was so glad you were going - you can make sure that girl does some resemblance of a workout!!! :)