Monday, July 5, 2010

Too Busy to Blog

This past week was jam packed with way too much stuff. I had a decent week of training, a very, very busy week at work, and this weekend Marty and I have been boxing stuff up and deep cleaning our house. We've been wanting to sell and buy a slightly bigger house for awhile now, and we've finally started the process. And what a process it is.

Marty did a July 4th (actually July 3rd) run, and I went from planning on racing it on Tuesday, to not racing but watching on Thursday, to not even going on Friday night. Marty didn't mind that I wasn't going to get up early with him and instead I got to catch up on some sleep and I had a really nice run through Bond Park at 9am. We had great weather this past weekend and I finally felt like a runner out there.

I have today off, but that doesn't mean I get to not work - like I said above work has been really busy and it definitely won't stop just because we get a holiday. So I'm procrastinating firing up the work laptop and getting some things done by writing this blog.

Other things I have to look forward to: Eclipse! I'm finally going to see it this afternoon. My good friend who is also obsessed was out of town and she begged me to wait until she got back to go see it with her. Of course, I said yes - and I've patiently been biding my time while I hear everyone else talk about how they loved it and how yummy Edward is.

Vacation! Coming soon (actually, this Friday). Were heading up to New York for a week long bike tour along the Erie Canal. I. Can't. Wait.


Kim said...

Wow! You guys were busy! Hope you enjoyed Elipse. I'm waiting to read all the books before I see the movies and it is not easy with everyone going to see them all the time! Glad you had a good 4th!

Beth said...

Yeah for vacation!! No work computers allowed! :)