Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Last weekend and most of last week was almost unbearably hot. All days reached close to 100 degrees and the 'feels like' temperature was well over that. It gets hot here in NC, but that was way above normal for us. It was reminiscent of playing basketball in an un-air conditioned gym in the summer during high school in Florida. Those games were so hot and humid that if you ended up on the court you would slide for 10 yards before coming to a stop. Fun times.

Anyways, it's really hard to feel good working out when it's that hot - particularly in running. And I have just been resigned to the fact that every run is going to feel crappy and I've tried not to worry about it.

So yesterday when it was only in the high 70's and raining I felt like a new person! Marty and I did fartlek and I WAS RUNNING! Not gasping for breath and feeling like every muscle was seizing up on me.

Even when I was walking to our cafeteria in the middle of the afternoon and it was *only* 90 I thought, wow! it sure does feel nice out here! That's when I realized it had been way too hot recently. I really hope we are done with those days where the feels like temperature is 110.


Steve said...

I think I learned I just want to sleep somewhere coolish when it is that hot.

Luckily things are getting cooler. If they didn't I'd probably just train for a 100 M dash. :)

Angela and David said...

Ahhh, I remember those summers in un-air conditioned gyms in florida. I remember Florida Southern, where I spent a lot of time practicing volleyball and basketball, used to say it was a competitive advantage not to have an air conditioned gym but it was all the kids that spent time their for summer sports camps that really suffered.

Beth said...

Oh my - I know how you feel! Yesterday when I ran it was 80 with low humidity and I was like - wow, this is almost a bit chilly!! Only after running in your weather all weekend of course! Have a great time at the beach!