Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Recap

  • Open water swim clinic at one of the Jordan Lake beaches on Saturday morning. Warm water and a great group. I got to paddle around on Marty's rescue board which was super fun.
  • Hot run afterwards through Bond Park. At least it's shady in the park, not so much on the run to and from. I made it an hour and it was the opposite of fast, but it's something. I'm slowly going to work on building up the run mileage again.
  • PT appointment with the always awesome Lori von Alten. She is fantastic but the appointments are highly frustrating. This is a common conversation: "Ok, Bri. Try and use (some muscle) to lift (some appendage)." "Am I using it?" "Nope." "Now?" "Nope."
  • Helped Marty mark up the swim caps for the morning. It was getting late and some people got some silly nicknames on theirs.
  • 5am wake up to get out to New Hope Overlook for the Jordan Lake Challenge. Two cars packed full of t-shirts, awards, soda, ice, cooler, bikes, and 2 surfboards.
  • Marty successfully unlocked the gate without any trouble - biggest worry going into the morning!
  • I manned the packet pickup table with Kari who so nicely offered to help us out. We were cool under pressure when the line got long. No matter what happens in the future, she will always have a job at the Gap seeing as she can neatly fold a t-shirt and stuff it into a tiny bag in 0.5 seconds.
  • Oh yeah, we both did the race, too. I think we warmed up about 20 yards.
  • Race went good - finished in 25:27 and 1st in my age group. I was the 10th female overall.
  • Marty, Kari and I had a steamy bike ride afterwards on the rural roads of whereever the heck we were. I saw a sign for Sanford at one point.
  • And then because she obviously hadn't gotten enough of us, Kari and Bobby met us out at the Flying Saucer later on for some cold beers and yummy pretzels.
  • I crashed hard that night and slept like a zombie!!

On tap for this weekend - cycling camp in Boone! We have a great group of friends and athletes going with us and I can't wait for Thursday to get here when we drive out there!


Kim said...

Nice SWIM! First AG, 10th overall - smokin! Got the hot bike in too huh! Great weekend by all accounts!!

runningyankee said...

what you dont know is that i DID work at express for about 27 days and insisted on refolding the jean wall every time cause i did not want to deal with customers!!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Nice weekend - phew!! Kari was drunk texting me from sauce or whatever place you were all at. Kidding. Glad you had fun!