Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boone Training Camp

You may have already read Marty and Kari's blogs about this past weekend - and here's mine! A couple of months ago, Marty sent out an email to our athletes, some triathlete's on the master's team, and a couple of close friends to see if anyone had any interest in a training weekend in the mountain's. The interest was HIGH and within a week we had a full house. Within another 2 weeks we had more interest so a group rented another house! We were all very excited to escape the oppressing heat in the Raleigh-Durham area and get to Boone for some cooler temps and mountain riding.

Marty left in the late morning on Thursday with Tassie so Kari and Alysia picked me up from work in the afternoon, and thus began nonstop girl talk. Yes, we were the annoying three musketeers who even wore our matching Victorious Secret shirts on Saturday night.

Is Marty's t-shirt appropriate or what?!

Upon arriving to the house (which was SO MTV cribs) we quickly settled into a relaxing evening. Alysia made us a specialty drink from the Mellow Mushroom called Purple Haze which we called Purple Hooter all weekend because we are that mature.

Here's the beautiful sunrise from our back porch that we all got up to see each morning. Just kidding, Heidi, our early-riser, snapped this picture while the rest of us were fast asleep. Especially Kari. Note to self: DO NOT under any circumstances, wake Kari up in the morning.

Saturday morning we gathered in the kitchen/dining room to get all of our pre-ride instructions.

Our friend, Alisha, was leading the long ride group, I was leading the mid-range and Marty was leading the shorter ride. We also had Rachel driving SAG.

Our house was on a very, very steep hill. And before the turn for that hill was another steep, steep hill. It was seriously ridiculous. When we were driving in Thursday evening we were laughing/crying about riding up them. Of course, pictures never do hills justice, but trust me when I say it was crazy. Here are some of us comtemplating riding down the steep driveway. We all ended up having no problems going down.

Kari is quite incredible with taking pictures while riding...uphill.

So I may have misinterpreted our ride cue sheet and not that we got lost, but we missed a big chunk of the middle of our ride. It said after going over the viaduct, you will turn onto 221. Well, we went over some bridge like thingy and 221 was right there - I asked the group, is this a viaduct? To which everyone said, uh yeah? Anyways, no harm as we tacked on a bunch of the Blue Ridge Parkway and got some more great pictures.

We all did a short transition run off the bike, then this is what the house looked like in the afternoon.

After some lounging around, we regrouped for a 5mile run on a surprisingly flat greenway in Boone.

Training was done and it was time for dinner and games!

A group of us played Apples to Apples and it was a lot of fun, especially because I won :) I know, I am obnoxious, and truly I have toned it down from when I was younger - I don't know, I just get hyper-competitive in games like this. But we really did have a good time and I only yelled out I WON a couple of times, with a couple of AWW YEAHS thrown in. We did have total Victorious Secret domination, though, as Alysia finished 2nd and Kari was 3rd.

Saturday morning we went to Moses Cone park and a bunch of us ran to the Fire Tower.

I'm really not sure what the Gaal's are doing in this picture. Am I flexing? And why is Marty using MY shirt to clean his sunglasses?

After the run, we hit downtown Blowing Rock for some ice cream! YUM.

More naptime before we went to the pool for a long swim.

The pool was competely empty! So we took every lane but one just in case someone else came to swim. No one did so we ended up taking that lane, too. We did have some locals stare at us for a long time, apparently, no one swims in this place.

Some people did 5,000 meters. I was not one of them.

We had a huge dinner that night.

And more purple hooters :)

The doggies had lots of fun, too. Mocha and Alex (boys) were constantly wrestling and Tassie wanted in so bad, but they kept ignoring her - poor Taz! But she did get lots of foot massages from everyone that stayed at the house. There was one morning where we actually had another totally random dog in the house. He apparently waltzed up the back steps and in through the porch, then laid down in the middle of the kitchen with everyone milling. It wasn't until Marty said, "Where did this dog come from?" when everyone realized he wasn't supposed to be there (oh, another dog?). Turned out it was the AC repairman's.

After dinner we had a very energetic game of pictionary. After 2 hours (and the team I was on was in the lead, ahem), it was decided that we must stop playing and have a worm-off. What is a worm-off you ask? It's when people do the worm and everyone judges on who's is the best.

This then devolved into a total dance party. I may have also shown everyone how I can clog.

I bet there are not many tri camps that end up like this!!

The next morning was the last day of camp - sad!! Some people had to leave early Sunday, so it was smaller groups for riding. But Kari, Alysia, Erin and I found that dang viaduct!

The group (minus a few) - great weekend!!


runningyankee said...

you stole a wonderful array of photos. - also note my word verification for your blog is STOGI... somewhat like the one found in the electrical outlet...

Angela said...

I'm so jealous...wish I could have been there.

You gotta show me that worm next time I see you Bri.

Angela and David said...

Looks like an awesome weekend. I'd love to spend a weekend like that.

LZ said...

Great photos! Looks like you all had a great time. It is so nice up there! And Kilwins fudge is my favorite!!

Beth said...

A worm-off turned dance party??!! I have to hang out with you guys more often!! ;) Sounds like so much fun (with lots of great training thrown in too!). Yeah!! Oh, and I don't know what a viaduct is either. And it should also probably be noted that you and I should never play board/card games together because it might end badly. I have that same annoying competitiveness. My sister and I used to get into some serious fights over games like that!! :)

Kim said...

That looks ridiculously fun.. of course, that is because I am a triathlete and the thought of train, nap, eat, train, eat, make specialty drinks, dance, get up and train again is my idea of heaven!! So glad you guys had an awesome tri weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time...and no you are still just as competitive and I can hear you yelling I WIN! Kilwins will be my favorite place for the next 3 months when I am in the mountains:)