Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Got Lucky

Yesterday I walked into the cafeteria at work and saw the seating area was PACKED. They have a couple of flat screen tv's hanging up and during big sports events you can find a lot of workers hanging out (don't worry, we have wifi in there :) This is especially handy during the NCAA tournament since we have so many Duke and UNC grads. Anyways, unless you've been living under a rock, the US won their game yesterday against Algeria to move onto the next round. When I walked into the cafeteria, it was already 90 mintes into the game. I turned around and watched for a bit and.....GOAL! Everyone goes wild. So fun to see a bunch of serious scientists go crazy - what a fantasic moment in sports!

This video is pretty cool - reactions of people when we scored. See, we can like soccer, too.



Steve said...

It was a great goal. I am glad I watched it alone, because my reaction was not fit for mixed company. ;)

runningyankee said...

thats awesome. someone needs to send that to the team. i hope cotton lets us watch the next game.....i was on my computer but yahoo only does written updates. .. booo.. not the same...

martygaal said...

You got lucky, babe
you got lucky, babe
when I met you.
-Tom Petty