Monday, November 9, 2009

Slacking in Blog World

I've been a slacker here. I know. And since this is how my family keeps track of me (hi mom!) I figured I'd better write something. But since I'm lazy, I'm going to do a Kari and bullet list this awesome.
  • Last week ranks in the bottom 5% of bad work weeks for me. Friday culminated into one of my worst days ever.
  • BUT the weekend was great! We drove to Wilmington Friday evening to watch the Beach 2 Battleship full and half iron-distances races.
  • Watching the races was very, very fun. I love cheering for people and seeing them accomplish their goals. Our friend Michelle stayed with us and it was nice to catch up with her after not seeing her for over a year.
  • We also screamed for Tim, Angela (who totally gave me the stink-eye upon my very exuberant "YOU DID AWESOME!!" when she finished. Hey, a 33 min pr IS awesome!), Kathy (nicest lady in the world), Ashley (who we yelled for from our car - she yelled back AND was booking it), Karen (full finisher!) along with numerous other peeps.
  • Sunday was Marty's 38th birthday! We started the day off right with an 11 mile long run around Wrightsville Beach.
  • Speaking of running, I logged over 30 miles last week which is huge for me. I looked back at my log during the summer and I avg about 21 miles during the tri season. I'm feeling like a runner again - I love it :)
  • Sunday night we met some of our friends out at the Flying Saucer for some birthday fun. Then Marty and I went to see Dane Cook at the RBC Center. Not bad for a school night.
  • Work week has started off better - positive attitude!


Kim said...

I think we had the same work week last week - mine was HORRIABLE! This week, not as bad, plus I only have until Wed. then I blast off to Flordia! Happy Birthday belated Marty! My friend Rich did Beaches to Battle too! He set a 1hr 25 min PR. Heard that swim was smokin fast! Sounds awesome to cheer! Congrats to all your friends who finished!

Angela said...

Sorry about that "stink eye" was more, I'm totaly exhausted and can't stand right now eye. Plus at that point I didn't now what my time was so I didn't know I could celebrate.

Thanks for the cheering though! You were the only one there for me after the swim. You rock Bri!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tassie needs and update! Mom

m said...

Hope this week is better! Tassie news is always nice to hear...just saying... :)