Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mountain Weekend

Gotta love abbreviated work weeks! And it’s so dead at the office that I’ll be working from home tomorrow :)

As many of you won’t be surprised to find out, I saw New Moon Friday night. My friend Brooke is a big fan of Twilight/RPattz too, so we met for dinner and then braved our way into the theatre full of shrieking 15 year olds. Okay, maybe we shrieked once or twice, too. Haha, I’m totally kidding on that one.

Saturday after a long run I drove Tassie and myself to Maggie Valley to spend some time with some of my family. We had a great time and lots of good food. Marty and I made our way into Asheville on Saturday night (one of our favorite little cities).

And here’s a picture of Tassie drinking the last few drops of some Tasmanian beer the other night (her namesake).


runningyankee said...

tassie named after beer? not surprising :)

you and brooke not swooning over edward? impossible.

BriGaal said...

Tassie was named after Tasmania! Not a beer. Oh how little you think of us ;)

Angela said...

Nice, very nice.

m said...

You know you were shrieking along with the tweens!

Marit C-L said...

I agree with Maija - you were totally shrieking with the kids :) Love Tassie - she is soo cute!