Friday, June 19, 2009

The Shore

It just occurred to me that almost every week starting next week through July I have almost every Friday off (except for one) – YAY! Next Friday we’re driving up to Philadelphia for the Philly Olympic Distance Triathlon. The following Friday is a holiday for the 4th of July weekend, and the one after that is the day my sister is getting married. I’m taking the whole day off to get my hair and make-up done. I’m the ‘matron-of-honor’ so need to look my best!

Then I have to work that following Friday. Boo.

The next Friday after that is the start of our vacation! We’ll be driving up to the Jersey Shore for a week. No, we don’t live in Philadelphia or New York, which is where most people come from to ‘go to the shore.’ By the way, if you’ve frequented the Jersey Shore, make sure you check out this You Tube video “Guido Beach.” OMG. This is so not my style! I don’t think I’ll ever fit in up there!

Anyways, Marty was a lifeguard in Ocean City, NJ for several summers and loved it. He’s trying to devise a plan for us to get back there for long periods of time. He’s says I’ll love it, too, I just need to give it a chance.

I’ve been up there a few times, but not for much longer than a weekend, and those are spent surrounded by Marty’s old friends drinking beer and reminiscing about old lifeguard races. I start to severely miss girls to talk to (all of his friends are single).

Also, there were some things that surprised me the first time I went to the Shore, but I think it’s more me being a Florida beach snob. Any of you raced in Clearwater? That’s the type of beach I’m used to.

This is what surprised me:

Having to pay some amount of money for a beach tag so you could stay on the beach
The sand looked dirty
Small portions of the ocean flagged off and you can only swim in these areas
Leading to everyone and their brother/cousin/sister/uncle being in this small area bobbing up and down with the waves
The water was cold

Things I did like:

The boardwalk
Running on the boardwalk
All the yummy foods that are also on the boardwalk
Myriad number of open water swim races and run/swim/run races
It is the beach after all!

Also, we’ll be visiting our friends Jamie and Judy who used to live in Florida but are now back at a beach just a bit further north. We haven’t seen them since our trip to Costa Rica, and they’re a lot of fun.

Have a good weekend, everyone! It’s looking to be H-O-T here!


Beth said...

Oh yeah!! Much fun planned for your summer and lots to look forward to! And double yeah for Philly!! Can't wait to see you guys again! :)

Rebecca DeWire said...

Scott and I might head over to the Philly race to check it out. That would be fun to see you guys. We have yet to make it to the Jersey shore so thank for letting us know the good and bad of it.

m said...

Hope to see you guys in Philly, I'm racing Saturday morning, so maybe???

Most everyone in NJ spends the summer at the shore too. Makes for lovely traffic situations on the parkway.