Saturday, June 27, 2009


I'm finally sitting down and trying to get some rest. Our host didn't realize that it's good to relax the day before the race so our extra long bike this morning and long warm walk to lunch seemed okay to him! I was forced to complain a little bit and I'm hoping he doesn't think I'm a big whiner. I tried to explain that if it weren't for the race I would be all about walking all over Manayunk.

After a very long drive yesterday (smooth sailing until DC and then from then to Philly was nothing but stop and go slow traffic), we made it to Marty's friend's apartment. Although Doug is 40, he's still living the bachelor lifestyle. His place is rather convenient to the race site, although we took a long detour around the Art Museum trying to find packet pickup (you know, where Rocky ran up?). Now we know where to go tomorrow morning since we're just going to ride our bikes in.

I'm hoping for a good day and will go as hard as I can, of course! The weather seems really nice - not too hot or humid. Thanks for the good lucks on facebook!


runningyankee said...

good luck gaals!!!!

Michelle Simmons said...

Have a great race tomorrow!!!