Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jordan Lake Challenge - 1 Mile Open Water Swim

Here are results!

Collis and I were manning the 'packet pickup' table and everything went pretty smooth. Some people were irked that they didn't get a t-shirt but that's why it's good to sign up early. We have to put the t-shirt order in at some point and for a race like this, if we have a ton of t-shirts ordered but not paid for, it really eats into any profits.

Marty did the pre-race swim clinic and we actually only started about 15min late, which I thought was pretty good. The water temp ended up being 76, so there were plenty of wetsuits out there, but also a lot of us who didn't wear them.

We saw tons of familiar faces and it was a very low-key, fun event. They started us and the swim itself was pretty uneventful - the Coast Guard was out there overseeing everyone and some people were on surfboards paddling around. I went out steady and tried to pick it up a bit on the way in. I was around people the whole time but it never got too crowded. I got closer to the boat ramp and was getting pretty tired, so kind of put it into a hard tempo effort (whatever that means) and took the last turn toward's the exit; the exit was about 20 yards aways.

Then all of the sudden - ZOOM!! Someone went sprinting SO fast by me...and it was a she! Oh no! When she popped up I realized it was my friend Laura who swims at Master's with us. She had an awesome finish and said when she turned around, "Oh Bri! I had no idea it was you! I drafted the whole last half on you!" That's racing! We finished 1 second apart, so fun!

We both got back in to do a little warm down and I could barely lift my arms at all. I had never felt that much soreness in my lats so quickly. I guess I was pulling hard! My breathing wasn't out of control or anything, just sore muscles.

I waited around for the awards with Collis and Kari and Bobby. Kari beat Bobby and he seemed super excited about the swim he just did :) I think Kari may have a gross post-swim picture of the two of us; hopefully it came out blurry.


runningyankee said...

you had a great swim bri! kudos to you and marty for a very well done event...i may need to screen print a personal T as bobby is grumbling (totally my fault, ha!) who knows what will happen to that picture.. truth be told i havent even seen it yet. bobby unpacked the car and well things arent exactly where they are supposed to be... enjoy the rest of your sunday...:)

Marit C-L said...

NICE JOB - to everyone! I've done 2 OW swim races without biking or running afterwards... OUCH - the lats and triceps always hurt.. Nice job and NO wetsuit! Bri - you ARE a swim stud!!!