Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Open Water Swim & Pics From Race

Hey all you Triangle people! Don't forget about the 1 mile open water swim at Jordan Lake this Sunday!

I will be there pretending to be a swimmer in my pink-plaid Splish suit!

Like I mentioned in my last post, my 10 year old niece took some nice shots at Breezy Point. Much better, in fact, then the ones the professionals took.

Case in point:

Here's her picture of me on the bike. Nice profile view!

And here's their's. Their logo is conveniently placed to make it look like I have a goatee.

Here's the picture Haileigh got of me finishing. She cut my head off a little, but I have a big smile and look like I'm having fun:

And now for the professionals. Tongue out, hand flopping and completely flat flooted. Is this the same girl? (Sadly, yes!)

Ahh well. Here are some other pics from the race.

Marty getting out of his wetsuit (notice the windsock sticking straight out near his head):

Here I am running my bike out - lopsided running on my cleats. The guy that's right behind me passed me while running to the exit since he had his shoes clipped in (it was a long run out of transition) and then fumbled around all squirrely trying to get his feet in while on the bike. I passed him back while he was struggling, once again proving my theory that hardly anyone is faster doing it this way. And in fact, most people are a danger to anyone around them. I'll get off my soapbox now (and no offense meant to dude in story).

Here's Marty heading into T2:

Me hustling in T2:

Post-race picture with my 4 year old niece. I squatted lower to be next to her and then she decided to squat, too. How low can you go?


runningyankee said...

love the bearded bri photo!

Rebecca DeWire said...

I totally agree with you that putting your bike shoes on in T1 is way faster than the fumbling technique! Also, I love the bike pic that your niece took. It is really hard to take a good pic when someone comes flying by on the bike.

Angela said...

Great pics...and I'm a shoe on first, then clip in later kinda girl as well. I'm not so very coordinated to try them already clipped in.

m said...

I agree that I and almost everyone is faster with the shoe on first in transition technique...but I am now learning to do it...not sure why, I guess to be cool. It is nice when it is a really long transition run.

Love the beard pic.

Marit C-L said...

Yep - you've got a great photographer in your niece! Nice job again on the race - and I had to laugh at the wind sock picture.... GOOD JOB!

As for the shoes on, shoes off.... Well, I've practiced A LOT with my shoes on. But out here - unless you're a card-carrying-pro, you can't have your shoes on your bike. So... fat lot of good that does me :) Bearded Bri is funny!

Jennifer Harrison said...

FUN pics! YAY on your race again, Bri (and Marty). Kari called me tonight - asked me about the OW swim race - I was like, "UM, is the sky blue???" HAHA...and I do read your blog so she can not HIDE from an OW swim race ! ENJOY !

Beth said...

Love the pics Bri! And I'm with you on the shoes. Everyone that passes me in transition because they have their shoes clipped in already - I fly RIGHT back past them once on the bike. Unless you are really, really, really good at it, I refuse to believe it's faster. And most people aren't really good at it. Myself included of course. ;)