Thursday, September 28, 2017

Catch Up Post

It's going to be one of those bullet point posts since a lot has happened and I do want to document this stuff as my once stellar memory is starting to fail me. I see the evidence when I play the game 'Memory' with Logan (who incidentally, has a fantastic memory).
  • We had lots of fun weekends and weeks during the summer, which included lake houses, a trip to the mountains, a Guns n Roses concert and a full week vacation to the OBX (Outer Banks for those of you not in NC)
  • Logan started kindergarten AND lost his first tooth on the first day!
  • My best girlfriends from college came to Raleigh for a long weekend. We had way too much fun and stayed up way too late.
  • Last weekend (ok, not anymore since I started and then stopped this blog) I once again was on a team for the Blue Ridge Relay (206 miles from Virginia to Asheville).  RUNNINGJUSTASFASTASWECAN and RUNNINGJUSTASFASTASWECAN2 both had 8 intrepid people on the team. I ended up running 26+ miles over 5 different legs. I am very sore still (3 days later) but had another fantastic time. I also kept it interesting for my team as I got lost on my 3am run and ended up getting picked up by another team (who also got lost). 
  • I signed up for Ironman Texas. 
Whoah. Wait. Back up. I DID WHAT?

Yup. Pulled the trigger. Put too much money on the credit card for something I really thought I would never do. And then had a pretty rock bottom meltdown at midnight googling on my phone "how to cancel Ironman registration"

It took about a week but I'm all good now :) So why did I sign up? I guess there's always that little inkling of wanting to complete one. I've watched Marty finish 6 of them. And it's pretty much impossible NOT to be a inspired. Even so, I knew the training involved and never felt that was something I really wanted to do. And you really need to want to do that training.

Enter in very good friends who started talking about it. Friends I train with a lot. This would be the only way I get this done, by having a hand to hold, shoulder to cry on, and partners in crime throughout the journey. I'm not interested in qualifying for Kona or racing it - I want to have fun with my friends and get to the start line in one piece. If I can get there, I can get it done.

So why Texas? The timing of the race enticed us all. Definitely not the winter training, but for the most part you can do the training outside in NC. There will for sure be cold days, but I've actually trained through the past two winters and it's not too terrible. Most of the time. Anyways, it was more the fact of getting it done and out of the way before summer starts and family time is at a premium. One thing I didn't want was to train through the summer and miss all the fun stuff with Logan and Marty. This way I put my head down in winter, do the IM in late April and voila! Summer time is fun time.

So yup. Pretty momentous for me. I still have one last sprint this weekend and Marty and I are teaming up for the SwimRun NC at the end of October (that should be interesting....) and then it will be a short down time before training starts back up.

Go read Marty's blog for more interesting life stuff.

Here are a few pics from the past month or so.

Cuties at Chuck E. Cheezits (as Logan calls it). Or Chuck E. Diseases, as one of our friends refers to it.

5 Family Beach week. Not my kid but we all shared responsibilities.

The solar eclipse is that way!

This one is either going to love me or hate me when we get through our Ironman training.

Family photo op

Riding our bikes to get some post dinner ice cream

Hole in one! For real life.

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