Friday, July 7, 2017

Summer Summer Summer Time!

Helllllllo, summer! July welcomed us with a blast of heat and humidity no one is ever ready for, no matter how long you have lived in the south. When your temperatures are in the 90's with 90% humidity it feels like "OMG I can't breathe" whenever you step outside. It is truly miserable.

So what do we do? Rack up money on the power bill and go to the pool. Accept that when you run, 1min per mile slower is actually fine, and drink water all day long to make up for the sweaty mess you became during the piddly 1.5 hour bike ride at 9am.

I'm still training, although no where near as seriously. Basically, I'm training so I can continue my dessert addiction and not be too self conscious about wearing a bikini out in public. I mean, I am 38. When does it stop being appropriate? (As an aside, when is it time for me to take out my belly button ring?)

I took some good rest and downtime immediately following the Chattanooga 70.3. This is, I believe, something many of us don't do right. Especially after an 'A' race. Sure, you take a few days, but dang it, you are feeling soooo good! Might as well keep on training; hard group ride? IN! Track workout? YES! I promise, this will likely lead to burnout or severe fatigue. After a long course race that you've been putting in some serious effort, your body needs a good break. At least 2 weeks. Don't be fooled by the 1 week honeymoon phase that happens after a short rest. It is a liar.

Anywho. Took some rest. 4 weeks later I raced in the 3 Little Pigs triathlon (my 4th time). I ended up having my fastest time ever on that course, so that was neat, although Marty beat me by 11 seconds (damn time trial start!). Then it was off to Boone for our 8th Boone Camp!! I love, love, love Boone Camp. And I love, love, love the people who join us. It is always super fun with some crazy hard hill training.

After Boone, Marty and Logan continued on vacation-ing while I went back home because, work. The week alone was nice and very busy so it flew by even though I really missed my boys (and missed a bunch of fun vacation things, too). And here we are in July already. No tri's for me until late September. Although I will do our open water swim race in a couple of weeks, and am on a team for the Blue Ridge Relay again (early September). The one 'race' I haven't been thinking about AT ALL is the SwimRun NC that's at the end of October. Marty signed us up for this last year after he volunteered. Mostly I'm worried about cold water and blisters. But the race does seem like it will be a fun adventure.

View from our bedroom in Boone
We went tubing down the New River this year

One of our campers climbing Snake Mountain

Sitting on the edge thinking about every excuse to not swim while Carrie pretends to dive in

We made it to the top of Snake, too!

Climbing to our house. This picture does not do the hills justice AT ALL

Before our Friday ride

That's the Viaduct on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the upper right of this pic. We climbed up there and then road the Blue Ridge back home.

We always make a visit to the App Mountain Brewery. This year, we made two visits.

Everyone flex. Except Marty. You just grab Bri's butt.

Heading off around Bass Lake before we ran up to the fire tower

Seriously. This is where we ran. Crazy beautiful.

Competitive game of Hearts on Steroids Saturday night.

So happy to see this 5 year old after 8 days!!

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