Monday, August 24, 2015

Tweetsie Railroad

This has been the summer of short vacations for us.  We did another this past weekend, taking advantage of a little gem North Carolina has to offer in the mountains – The Tweetsie Railroad! This was one of America’s first amusement parks and is themed around a steam locomotive that ran from Johnson City, Tennessee to Boone, NC from 1917 – 1950.  It has a wild west theme with lots of cowboys and Indians and amusement rides.  Tweetsie is just outside of Blowing Rock which is a super cute mountain town that we always ride into during our summer Boone Camp.  Marty and I have always said that we would definitely take Logan once he was old enough to enjoy it and now seemed like a perfect time.

We drove the 3 or so hours to Blowing Rock on Friday evening and got to Tweetsie pretty much right when it opened on Saturday.  Logan loved it and had a great time.  He LOVES all the rides, and wants to do every fast, spinning thing possible. I have to opt out of the spinny rides in my advanced age as I now get motion sick but Marty is still game, thank goodness.  The train with the fake stickup and indian raid are fun for young kids and they had a petting zoo at the back of the park with lots of deer, goats, emu’s and llamas. Llama’s do spit; I saw him/her spit on a kid! Overall we really had a great time. I thought it might be too hokey but it was perfect for Logan – not too big or crowded (I think Disney would be waaaay too much for him right now) but still lots to do and a lot of fun.  Also, he’s terrified of the character’s that walk around.  Tweetsie just has a rabbit and a turtle but he was always asking, “Where’s the rabbit??? Pick me up, mommy!!”

After Tweetsie, Marty and Logan took their afternoon naps while I wasted time in a coffee shop reading a book.  Then we walked into downtown and had dinner and then Logan played in the park right in the center of town.  The next morning we had a great run to Bass Lake before stuffing ourselves full of yummy breakfast and heading home.

This weekend: The Battle at Buckhorn, a cookout in the evening, then the Durham Bulls on Sunday. Can’t stop won’t stop.
Getting ready to roll on the locomotive


Ferris Wheel!

Heading up to the top on the chairlift

Watch out, they spit

Panning for gold

More ferris wheel!

Tilt-a-whirl (no thank you)

Logan's pop gun is a new favorite toy

Tackling the climbing wall at the playground in Blowing Rock

Lollipop and a little doggie (which he named Tassie) to end the trip

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