Monday, August 3, 2015

Hardcore is in the eye of the beholder

Operation Serious Bri has completed week number one. In my last post, I mentioned that I was going to “try and be a little more serious and consistent with my training over the next 4 weeks and feel better at The Battle at Buckhorn.”  Guess what? I’m exhausted.  Here’s what my week look liked:

Monday: short lift at work, 30min easy run after work

Tuesday: Masters (!) I got in at the warmup, and got out at the cooldown, which yeah, I get it. That’s what you’re supposed to do, but I haven’t done that in probably over a year. Then I did a track workout that night where Oyler the Metronome paced me through 11 400’s.  I have no idea why the workout called for 11 of them.

Wednesday: 45min core class at work. This makes me very sore. I also have to cheat on some of the exercises.

Thursday: OSB interval run in the morning. I ran this at a moderate effort since I did track on Tuesday. Also because: Hard group ride after work. I was worried about getting dropped but hung on for most of the ride and felt pretty good. Towards the end I was taking my pull when all of the sudden several riders came flying by me. Apparently I was the lead-out for the sprint. I then (mistakenly) thought that would be the end of the hard section and we would ride in together, so I didn’t make an effort to bridge the gap. And then they were gone to finish off the hard section down one more road. Now I know.

Friday: swim in evening with friend Carrie.  This was tough, but a good workout. 

Saturday: Met Carrie (again) and her husband Whit for a 40mile bike/4mile run. This was great. Not that I felt great, but the company was great and I have literally not done a workout that long in over 2 years. Those two went onto do another 20miles on the bike and a 2mile run. They are going to crush Timberman. I couldn’t stay with them on the run, either. They are so fit.

Sunday: 8mile run with Anne Mac at a steady long run talk the whole time pace. Then play in the pool with Logan. Wow, I was really tired by then.

I turned around and got up for Master’s this morning (and made Carrie meet me). I felt horrible. But I got it in and that counts for something!



Steve said...

Hard core Bri is what I am not now. I ride my bike for transportation and fun, and run with my dog very short with walking. (1-1/2 miles short). Everything is relative, so I would never ever in a billion years be as fast as you, but posts like this make me wonder if that spark will return.

Was it the constant injuries that made me lose it?

Been pretty healthy though this year not tryIng to overdo it.

Maybe my body is recovered.

Ha!!! Just thinking out loud as a comment on your blog. :) Sorry.

Unknown said...

I think you're supposed to not overdo it right away when you decide to get "hardcore." Because then Week 2 is really exhausting.