Wednesday, April 2, 2014


This past weekend I accompanied some friends to a 50K ultra trail marathon over in western North Carolina. 50K = 31 miles of ‘running’

It is cray-cray (this is word the kids used to use 2 years ago so it is now hitting us mainstream old people. It means crazy).

The ultra runners are not all bearded and stinky as I previously thought.  There were actually some pretty cute ones Heather and I surprisingly pointed out to each other. But the whole thing was a bit ridiculous in my opinion.  It was mostly due in part to the fact that it rained all day on the day of the marathon and apparently had rained a ton beforehand so the trails were a sopping, muddy mess.  And they were extremely hilly so this particular ultra was more of a hike than a run.  Our two friends who did it said they are not all like this. Our one friend, who is a pretty dang good runner (and did the 50 MILE here last year) stopped after the first 16 mile loop this year.  It was a different course and he said he didn’t feel like torturing himself on this very slow hike.  It took him 4 hours to cover 16 miles.

That is complex math (carry the 2...), but I believe that means he was covering 4miles in 1hr. See? Cray-cray.

Although the aid stations are well stocked with much more than you can really think is necessary (bacon? PBR? Really?), the fans are few and far between. Pretty much non-existent.  Again, the weather sure didn’t help at all, but when we went to see our other friend finish (and she was the 4th female) not a person at the finish line.  Despite all this, we had a great time and it was fun to get away with some friends to the mountains.

However, as you may imagine, I will never ever ever be doing an ultra marathon.

Now get out of here and read the best race report you will ever read.

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