Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

Logan's daycare held an Easter Egg hunt today for all the classes.  First, I prepped him with a little bit of competitive attitude leading up to it.

Grandma helped by getting him a very cute Easter Basket.

The morning was a little chilly (wtf spring) so Logan had to wear some long sleeves under his 'I can rock a pink shirt' and a Marty hat. Also, apparently this is his new stance when I ask him if I can take his picture.

Marty, his dad who was in town, and myself all went to help stuff eggs.  Marty wasn't happy with where the eggs were hidden (they weren't) so he went around the playground and tried to make it a little more difficult.

And they're off. Logan picked up the gist very quickly (although he definitely didn't realize there was anything IN the eggs until later that night when I opened one).

 Contemplating the Easter bunny.  At least he wasn't screaming and crying and trying to crawl into the teacher's lap like some of his classmates.

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