Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I realized that there are a couple of races in the not so distant future that are on my probably-going-to-do list and if I wanted to actually do these I may just need to do some ‘real’ training. Like now. I swam Monday morning, although I didn't quite make it to Masters, but still did a Marty workout that consisted of 8x200 with a moderate 50 within each one.  I did my short run in the evening, with drills even! (Logan tried some out, too).  I rode the trainer yesterday evening – in our bedroom which actually really sucks because we only have super basic cable up there, so my viewing options consisted of the local news, every terrible judge show, Maury Povich or BBC news. I settled on BBC, then finished with America’s Funniest Home Videos.  Yargh. And then. THEN! I made it to Master’s this mornings, like only 5 min late – but that was the 5min I always stand on the edge trying to get myself into the cold water. 

Part of my motivation problem is I’ve been doing this for so long.  I know some people who are fairly new to triathlon and they are really fired up. Waking early every day, getting in tons of bike miles – that is awesome. But I did my first triathlon at 8. And got back into the sport (post high school/college) at 21. I’m turning 35 (what what?! I am HOW OLD?!) so that is quite a long time in this sport, and I just can’t get up for everything all the time. There are so many other things to do and I just can’t keep myself focused to be hardcore this year.  And that’s ok. And it is sometimes comical to see the same thing over and over – a lot has actually not changed since I got into the sport. For example, I happened into the Slowtwitch forum (a place it’s really better to just stay out of) and went into a thread that totally devolved into people belittling each other – just like it was 14 years ago. Same topics, different assholes.

But where would I be without this sport? I love it, I really do – I have met so many awesome people throughout the years - some of whom are my very closest friends.  This is just not the year that I’m going to be singularly focused on some arbitrary goal.  Although sometimes I do think about really trying to run fast again.  That could be fun.


Dawn said...

Hi Bri, Still following along. And I think you have your priorities just right! Enjoy your family and your little boy and your wonderful life. And you know what? I still think you will be very competitive and annoy your competition by beating them still! Girl, stay in bed, don't get in that Cold water. You deserve it.

Steve said...

LOL. I sometimes wonder why I read Triathlon people's blogs. I'll never do a triathlon. I'll probably never track one or whatever the heck people do with races on line, and honestly don't really care too too much about it either way.

How long have I been reading your blog though?? Had to be several years.

Why?? Probably haa something to do with how you are as a person more than anything else.

Why else would I have stuck around for so long??


Have a good one. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love the shitty judge shows.

Damie said...

Oh yes- I totally get this :)

Unknown said...

:) I am right there with you. been there done that but still love it and not sure where that leaves me?!

LZ said...

Good post Bri! Life changes so much when there are little people running around. Maybe try mixing it up with a completely different goal of some sort (a cycling race or track or trail race or something other then the same thing over and over again).

I know I will get back into triathlons...maybe this summer maybe not, but I think it was really good for me to take time off and not care about it and actually try at reaching a goal I've had since I was 20- to run in Boston. For me, running was not something I was use to, and for me that was my change, becoming a "runner" versus a swimmer or triathlete.

Either way, you deserve to do whatever you want, whatever makes you happy. And if you don't want to have motivation to do triathlon, you should have to. You want to just stay motivated to be a good mom, Great! Keep at this daily roller coaster of life! Miss you guys over there and bummed I did not see you all cheering at tobbacco road.