Thursday, August 15, 2013

Getting rid of the clown

I had a request from a friend to please update so that he doesn't have to see Logan-the-Clown anymore. So here is some randomness for you. You're welcome, DT.

I watched this youtube video and now my linen closet looks AWESOME! Like I mentioned to some friends, it's great because it's just an older dude in what looks like a guest room explaining how to fold a fitted sheet. Anyone can do it!

We went and watched the Cary Criterium on Saturday, which was right in downton Cary so very close to our house. It was really neat watching the different races. I hope it is an annual thing - I really feel like they could get quite a crowd if it was advertised properly. When we were in Orlando they had a crit in downtown right where all the bars/restaurants were and it was such a fun night. Logan was great and really enjoyed sitting on the curb yelling 'Go go go!' to all the bikes.

I really like these shorts if anyone is in the market to buy me a present. My birthday has passed and Christmas is still several months away but, you know, I'm a pretty awesome wife/daughter/sister/friend (size medium) :)

I'm out.

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