Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter!

So far, Logan is not a fan of holiday 'mascots'

I know these are terrible in the sense of why do we do this to our kids, but they sure are funny. Both of these were at his daycare, and they said that his current classroom (The Waddlers) are the absolute worst. None of them liked the Easter Bunny.  But really, I've always had a problem with the Easter Bunny. I mean, Santa you sort of believe in even when you get old enough to realize that it is a pretty far-fetched idea. But you certainly don't want to fess up to your parents because what if that means you don't get anymore presents?!?! But the Easter Bunny? I am not totally sure I ever believed in that one.

We took Logan to Pullen Park which is an awesome park in Raleigh. We road the train for $1 each.

We weren't sure how Logan would like this; he loves it when the train goes by our house and will say "Choo Choo (too-too)" so we thought he might really get into it. Or he could've gone the other way and been scared and wanted off. In the end, he sat very stoically on Marty's lap taking it all in.

We didn't make it to the carousel, but that's on the list for next time.

When we walked up, this part of the playground was absolutely covered with kids.

I told Marty it reminded me of the previews for World War Z.

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