Monday, April 15, 2013

5K Battle to the line

An epic battle took place at the Cary Road Race this past Saturday.

Held at the Koko Booth Amphitheatre, covered in a yellow dusting of pollen, it was a beautiful North Carolina morning.

This is what the typical car looks like in the Greater Raleigh area. Achoo.

The morning started with Logan beating Marty (again!) in the 10K.

Pick it up, Dad

Then it was my turn. Of course, being the wimp that I am, I chose to do the 5K. Scratch that. I got an email from Marty earlier in the week telling me he had signed me up for a 5K that weekend. Kudos to him for not even asking if I wanted to do the 10K.

As is typical at a local road race, the kids were out in full force. They all lined up in front, despite the announcer's pleas to move back, but it was no matter to me. I knew they would go out faster then I could. The trick was dodging the carnage after 400 yards.  I did pretty well, only running into one before I set my sights on the rest of the pack.
Flat-footed pictures while running are terrible, but this is in here because for some reason, my arm looks jacked

The last little kid was caught around mile 1. I figured I would drop him fairly quickly, thinking he had gone out too fast. 
Me: Cute kid. 
Cute kid: Imma beat you lady!

He had the last laugh, as he came barreling down the hill to repass me.
I'm just glad I finally got ahead of the dude in all black with a backpack from the 'my arm is jacked picture'

I re-repassed my adversary at the 2 mile mark and continued to hold onto the pace around the lake. Cute Kid could not be shaken. This was not good. I did not want to get into a sprint finish with Cute Kid. Not only would that probably not end well for me, I also didn't want to be the douche trying to outsprint a 10 year old.

I heard him breathing close, but he never made up the ground and in the end - winner goes to the lady! Maybe next time, Cute Kid. Maybe next time.

Breaking the giant tape across the finish line

Logan gave me the thumbs up for a race well run.

My time was not very good, but, I didn't have Mary to chase this weekend.

Later, Marty and I took a nap while Logan went grocery shopping.

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Angela and David said...

This whole post made me laugh. Great job. And I can't believe you are racing in a sports bra. I raced in a hat and gloves and layers on Saturday.