Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Oh man it's been busy around here. Work is crazy busy with our yearly budget combined with usual duties and a part-time worker that is working double time to get it all done. Marty and I have done 2 swim clinics over the past 3 weeks, and the whole family went out to cheer athletes on at The Triangle Triathlon, where Logan had a perfectly timed blowout.

This weekend is the 3rd Annual Big Deuce and Little Uno open water swims (2mile and 1mile for the confused).  I'm pumped about the t-shirts this year. Last year a swimmer said to me, "Aw, come on! The Big Deuce? These shirts need to be brown!" Done. See, we take feedback seriously.

We also start our summer vacation this weekend in the Outerbanks. Or OBX as it is known in the Carolina's. This will be Logan's first time at the beach.

Speaking of the little man. He is almost crawling (and has the bruised knees to prove it). For a couple of weeks he has used his arms and can go in a circle or backwards, but he hadn't quite gotten the legs together. Over the past few days he's gotten into the crawl position and started rocking back and forth, which (I'm told) means he's very close.  I have mixed feelings about this as it's exciting for him to reach milestones, but I'm not looking forward to chasing him around. And our house is totally not baby proofed yet.

My sister was in town the other week and we all went to the Lonerider brewery. This kid is so freaking photogenic.

After a couple of beers for us and a giant bottle of milk for Logan, he looked like this:

Nothing was waking him up. We took a short video where Marty promised to show it to his college girlfriend and at his wedding. 

And I have to clear something up, dear friends. I like both UNC and NC State. It's just my sister is a HUGE UNC fan/alum and she is doing everything possible to make sure Logan is outfitted in all UNC gear. So. If any NC State fans want to give him some red and black, feel free :)  I am now going to duck and cover while Shana gets ready to ream me out. One thing we both agree - UF gear will NEVER be worn in our house!


Steve said...

Great pic of passed out baby on milk, and Marty with beer.

Logan is going to need some years to keep up with you two. ;)

Donna said...

Photogenic family! Tilesetters kneepads help, but I don't think they make them in infant sizes...