Sunday, July 1, 2012


This was a solid week of training for me. Probably my best week so far as far as consistency goes, and since I'm in the mood to blah blah about myself, I'll tell you how I did it with baby/job/coaching. I work during the week Monday/Tuesday/Thursday and am at home on Wednesday/Friday.

Monday: day off (I raced yesterday)
Tuesday: Track workout with the Fast Coaching kids. They whip my butt and I'm in the back, but I'm slowly making up some ground. Marty came to the track with Logan in the BOB and they ran some laps while I did the workout.
Wednesday: Morning swim with the OSB crew at the Triangle Aquatics Center (50min - Marty puts Logan in the Baby Bjorn while I swim). I was also able to sneak away for a 1.5hr bike ride with Kari (ex-blogger) and Heather (mom of 3 extraordinaire)
Thursday: 6:30am interval run at Umstead with OSB. I go straight into work afterwards since it's on the way and we have a locker room where I can get ready. Swam at Jordan Lake with OSB that evening, probably 1.5miles (babysitter for the evening).
Friday: 45min trainer ride with 8x1min hard/1min easy
Saturday: 52min trail run near our house (Marty went for his run right after me). Marty then shooed me out the door to get in another swim for the week. I balked but ended up going (only swam 1500) but felt really good.
Sunday: Marty led the OSB brick this morning and I rode the trainer once he got home for an hour. Logan napped during this time, but Marty was 'on-call'

Total hours: ~8

I could certainly tolerate more, but at this point I don't want to. I could get up earlier and take Logan to the pool with me for Masters, but I hate having to wake him up if he's sleeping in the morning. So I get my swims in when I can. Marty offered to have me do the brick workout this morning, but he also could use a ride and I wasn't so enthusiastic about it. We are good about alternating and making sure we both get in some workouts. We also get a babysitter a lot. Now that he's 6 months, he can start going to one of those drop-off daycares, but we haven't done that yet.

8 hours is nothing to a lot of even semi-serious triathletes. When I was training hard, I was more around the 10-12hr range and only got up into the 15hr weeks a couple of times - so overall I've always been a very low mileage athlete.  I'm able to hold my own out on the race course because I've been doing it for so long and therefore have years of training behind me. If I count all the way back to when I did my first triathlon (1988), I've been racing/training (just triathlon) for 18 years!! I didn't do triathlons during high school or college (just ran and played basketball) - but even if you don't count my early years, I've been racing in triathlons for the past 12 years.

I have a couple of sprints left on the tentative race calendar, and the last aquathon this Wednesday morning. I also signed up for the Kiawah Half Marathon in early December, so once I'm done with triathlons (my last race will be late September), I'm going to pretty much just run. I'd like to try and get back into decent shape for that race. I've only 'raced' a half marathon once (Disney 2010) and doubt I can get close to that time based on where I am right now, but I'd like to get around 1:30 if possible.


Steve said...

I went on a run today, 11 miles with a 65 year old guy I work with. We talked about who knows what, but someone thought he should take up Triathlons, and I told him the time commitment. You run for x amount of time/ week, and you have to triple the bike time, and swim... what 4 times/ week probably. It is a time drain, and not everyone has the time.

I like running, because I like my free time. :)

Glad you had a good week. Keep it up.

AdventureSteph said...

been enjoying following your blog!! Congrats at the circus fest!! Sounds like things are working out well for you!!
I was wondering how the increased workouts affect your milk supply?? I hike alot and carry LO i feel that core and back are strong. The bond with breastfeeding is amazing and ALL the antibiotic properties is mind spinning...i feel lucky to provide such nutritious liquid meals for his health/development.

Unknown said...

I miss those thursday morning interval runs!

Anonymous said...

cherish those moments with Logan...they sure do go by fast!
donna s.

Angela and David said...

You are so balanced! Very impressive.

And I just read your post about olympic trials. Since I really only read athlete biographies and autobiographies i spend way too much time in other athletes heads. Read "gold in the water" for a really good story about almost Olympians in swimming.